Football For All

Our main objective for Football For All is to make sure that the sport of football is welcoming and inclusive to all members of our society in Northern Ireland.

Football For All

Our main objective for Football For All is to make sure that the sport of football is welcoming and inclusive to all members of our society in Northern Ireland.  We work closely with the Irish FA and Disability Sport NI who support our Frame Football project that originated from Richard Seedhouse who created the program in the Midlands, England.

We provide many other great opportunities to get involved in football regardless of ability or your age!
After School Football

TW Sports can offer your school an after school club.  From only £25 per pupil we will offer a 6 week course.  Sessions will be operated by our qualified coaches who will provide quality coaching and fun games.  We can even organise the application forms and have them divided out for each class saving your school time.  Our program can operate all year round.

The majority of schools we have been delivering an after school program have enjoyed our services for over 15 years!  As a thank you to the schools that support us throughout the year we can offer our services at school events or offer FREE prizes for school fairs.

We can offer tailor made packages for Nursery School groups, Primary School age or Secondary Schools.  We also work with independent organisations from Sure Start to Church and youth group organisations.

For more details please contact Tim Wareing on, 07740120788 or complete the form below.

Frame Football

Frame Football was first launched in England in 2013 and provides the opportunity for children who are unable to walk unaided but do not require a wheelchair to play football. Many of these children use a walker style frame for mobility. These children cannot play in mainstream football because of the safety regulations. Frame Football brings them together to play an adapted game that suits their needs.

The Irish FA believe in creating opportunities for those with a disability to play the beautiful game.  Let Them Play is the strapline of the new Youth Strategy and this Frame Football Programme will enable those children to play the game.

Irish FA Development Manager for Disability Football, Alan Crooks, is very positive about this new initiative in Northern Ireland.  He commented, “Frame Football is a great example of how ‘Let Them Play’ is having a positive impact on the kids in Northern Ireland. We hope that with the awareness raised and support from Colin Murray that Frame Football will take off in our wee country.”

Local club, TW Braga, facilitate Frame Football in Northern Ireland.  They have seen great development in the children taking part in the classes from a skill point of view along with their endurance.  The classes are always looking new faces so if you’re interested please get in touch with us! 

University of Ulster, ColeraineSunday1.15-2.30pm (fortnightly)

Lads & Dads / Mothers & Others
We work in partnership with schools and community organisations to support positive family relationships by giving dads, male carers and their sons the opportunity to play football together.  We extend this to also offer separate classes for Mothers and Others!

It's competitive but fun, and the shared experiences create great family memories that last a lifetime.   If you’re interested in TW Sports operating a Lads & Dads / Mothers & Others event at your venue simply complete the form below.

TW Sports provides a weekly class of Lads & Dads / Mothers & Others.  You can get involved by completing the form below or contacting 07740120788.

Ormeau Park 3GSunday1-2pm

Back in the Game
Back in the Game is aimed at keeping people aged over 35 involved with football.  We want to offer an over 35's team to bring people together in a fun environment The manner in which the sport is played promotes cardiovascular fitness whilst producing the least stress on the body.  It also assists participants maintain an active lifestyle while helping their mental well-being.  TW Braga Red Bull's enter a number of 'Back in the Game' festivals throughout the year organised by the Irish FA.

We provide a weekly class of Back in the Game.  You can get involved by completing the form below or contacting 07740120788.

Ormeau Park 3GSunday1-2pm

4 v 4 Free Play for 2013-2016's.

When Tim Wareing was Academy Director at Lisburn Distillery he introduced the 4v4 format in the early 2000's.  Some of the players back then that benefitted from the concept are now playing at the top level.  Jack Chambers is at West Brom and Jordan Jenkins is with Glenavon.  Below is an extract from an article written by a good friend of Tim's, Paul Cooper.

4v4 is not a new concept; the Dutch have been playing it since the mid 1980s. The godfather of football in Holland, the great, late Rinus Michels said: “Good coaches use the basic criteria of street football for their vision of grass roots development; they realise that these elements produce a natural process which gives the most efficient training for young kids.” And there we have it, logical thinking from a coach who understands that because of modern society, street football is no more and that ‘the children’s game’ must be continued in some form if we are really serious about development.

The 4v4 pilot scheme for the U9s at Manchester United’s Academy was studied in depth by Rick Fenoglio from the Department of Exercise and Sport Science, Manchester

Metropolitan University. Rick published his results of his research in both the FA’s Insight magazine and in a major report he complied. In the report Rick highlights the underlying philosophy of the pilot study.

‘The scheme was to re-create, as much as possible, a match day environment that was more child and player-centered. This guiding concept led the developers of the scheme to reflect upon football environments where the young player was free to learn, practice and develop their football skills without being shackled by the impo- sed structures, expectations, attentions and scrutiny of significant others. The environments, which were considered to provide these qualities the most, were the playgrounds, parks, streets, back alleyways, beaches and barrios around the world - areas where the world’s greatest players first learned their skills. At this time, Manchester United FC were re-considering their approach to the development of young players and were concerned that the overall gap in skill levels between English players and European players (and, increasingly, the rest of the world) was widening.

If true, this is an interesting situation given that one of the primary aims of the initiation of Football Academies in England was the development and enhancement of technical skills. The 4 v 4 games and format of the pilot scheme were selected because it was felt that they would give players more opportunities to practice and develop their game-related skills in a less pressurized, but nonetheless challenging game format. The environment of the pilot scheme was developed from a desire to produce a more child-cen- tered and ethical learning environment.’ A 4v4 Pilot Scheme for U9 Academy Football Players – Rick Fenoglio

The study looked at game data as well as interviews with players, coaches and parents.
The results were nothing short of staggering. Compared to the 8v8 game the data was as follows for the 4v4 games:

Number of passes – increase of 135%
Scoring attempts – increase of 260%
Number of goals scored – increase of 500%
Number of 1v1 encounters – increase of 225% Number of dribbling skills (tricks) – increase of 280%

From the interviews conducted, 80% were positive regarding the 4v4 pilot scheme and 20% were negative.
The consensus was that the children became a lot more skillful playing the 4v4 games. The games were varied which also brought out different skills. It was also not so obvious who was a defender and who was an attacker as the children became more complete footballers.

You can get involved by completing the form below or contacting 07740120788.

Ormeau Park 3GSunday1-2pm

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