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We pride ourselves on offering a selection of well organised Mini Soccer Centres with a quality coaching programme to match. We welcome all children aged 5-13, both boys & girls, to enjoy soccer in a safe, pressure free environment. All coaches are

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We pride ourselves on offering a selection of well organised Mini Soccer Centres with a quality coaching programme to develop boys and girls skills in a fun, well organised and safe environment.

At most Centres we split children into 2 groups.  The younger group is aged from 5-7 and the older age group is aged from 8-13.  Children will receive coaching for approximately the first 25 minutes and play Mini Soccer games the remainder of the time.  Mini Soccer is a fun game for children and easy to understand, e.g. no off-side and no set playing positions. Children get more contact with the ball as the game is reduced from 11-a-side which leads to better technique and a higher success rate.  Higher concentration is developed as the ball is never far away from the players on a smaller pitch unlike 11-a-side on a full scale pitch. Decision making will be improved which will help gain a better understanding of the game.

Our Mini Soccer Centres welcome all children aged 5-13, both boys and girls, to enjoy soccer.  All coaches are qualified and abide by the TW Sports code of conduct for coaches. We also have a code of conduct for parents and children which help keep our centres in line with child protection.  The main objectives of Mini Soccer is to be enjoyable so that children can have fun! It introduces children to the sport and helps them understand the rules and play in a team. Children get the opportunity to develop a good sporting interest that lasts for life. They will receive quality coaching and learn new skills while being encouraged to play fair. Also it will help prepare children to be selected for our TW Braga teams!

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We offer a varied programme of coaching to all children aged 5-13. We welcome all regardless of ability, gender or cultual background. Children will enjoy football in a pressure free environment. They will learn new skills while making new friendships and most of all have FUN!

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What to bring? For indoor centres a footy kit, tracksuit and trainers is ideal along with a bottle of juice or water. For outdoor centres a water proof jacket and warmer clothes is advisable - extra layer, hat and gloves for cold nights! On your first session arrive 5-10 minutes early and speak with our Coach. Make sure they have your emergency details on file. If you need anything contact myself direct on, 07740120788.